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Find your paradise: Antalya’s 7 Best Neighborhoods for Your 2024 Residence! (part 2 of 7)

Find your paradise: Antalya’s 7 Best Neighborhoods for Your 2024 Residence! (part 2 of 7)

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Read Part 1 for the beginning

Neighborhood 2: Lara.


Unlock the Mediterranean Dream: Discover Antalya’s Coastal Gem - Lara!

In the heart of the sun-kissed Turkish Riviera lies a district that weaves together history, luxury, and natural beauty. Welcome to Lara, where the turquoise waves of the Mediterranean embrace golden sands, and ancient ruins whisper tales of empires past. As the sun paints the horizon in hues of orange and pink, Lara invites you to step into a world where modernity dances with tradition, and every moment is a celebration of life.

Why Lara?

  • Beachfront Bliss: Lara’s crown jewel is its endless beach, stretching along the coastline like a golden ribbon. Sink your toes into the soft sand, bask in the sun’s warm embrace, and let the gentle waves lull you into serenity.
  • Luxury Living: Lara boasts an array of luxury hotels that redefine opulence. From replicas of famous landmarks to private beaches and infinity pools, this district caters to those who seek the extraordinary.
  • Historical Whispers: Wander through the cobblestone streets of Kaleici (Old Town), where Ottoman houses stand as silent witnesses to centuries of history. Explore the Yivli Minaret and Hadrian’s Gate, where ancient stones tell tales of emperors and conquerors.
  • Shopping Extravaganza: TerraCity, MarkAntalya, and Mall of Antalya beckon with designer boutiques, local crafts, and culinary delights. Whether you’re a fashionista or a foodie, Lara has you covered.
  • Cultural Treasures: Dive into the Antalya Museum, where artifacts from the Stone Age to Byzantium come alive. Attend concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances that breathe life into Lara’s cultural scene.
  • Family-Friendly: Lara is a playground for families. Parks, water parks, and amusement centers like The Land of Legends promise laughter and memories.
  • Health and Wellness: With top-notch hospitals like Memorial Lara and Medical Park Antalya, your well-being is in capable hands.

Whether you’re sipping Turkish tea by the sea, exploring ancient ruins, or dancing under the stars, Lara invites you to create your own chapter in its sun-kissed story. Come, embrace the coastal breeze, and let Lara weave its magic around you.

1. Location.

buy an apartment in Antalya

Real Estate Group offers a detailed look at the Lara neighborhood in Antalya:

Location and Boundaries:

  • Lara is a district of Antalya city, Turkey, situated along the Mediterranean Sea.
  • It borders the Mediterranean coastline, making it a balneoclimatic and balneoclimateric location.
  • The district encompasses several municipalities, including Lara, Kundu, Aksu, and Muratpaşa.

Infrastructure and Transportation:

  • Lara benefits from a modern transportation system, making it easy for residents and tourists to move around the city.
  • Public buses are a popular mode of transportation within the district.
  • The district is conveniently located near Antalya Airport, making it accessible for travelers.

Population at the End of 2023:

  • As of the end of 2023, the metro area population of Lara in Antalya is approximately 1,347,000.

Parks and Recreation Areas:

  • Lara Beach: One of the most expansive beaches in Turkey, Lara Beach offers kilometers of light brown sand, clear turquoise waters, and a Blue Flag designation. It’s popular for swimming, water sports, and beach clubs. The western end of the beach is public and free to enter, with amenities like showers, restrooms, and sunbeds available.
  • Karaalioğlu Parkı: Located in Muratpaşa, this park offers green spaces and a pleasant environment for relaxation and leisure.
  • Falez Köpek Oyun Parkı: A recreation area near Lara Beach, perfect for families and pet owners.

Lara Beach, with its luxurious hotels, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant atmosphere, remains a favorite destination for beach vacations and unique beach weddings in Antalya. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Lara has something to offer!

2. Safety.

Real Estate Group proposes to consider the safety aspects of the Lara neighborhood in Antalya based on available data for the years 2023-2024:

Safety Index:

  • Lara is considered safe for both residents and tourists.
  • The overall safety index for Antalya is 74.5%, indicating a relatively low crime rate.
  • While no place is entirely risk-free, Lara’s safety record is favorable.

Common Concerns:

  • Pickpocketing: As with any tourist destination, be cautious in crowded areas. Hold your bags securely and keep an eye on your belongings.
  • Violent Crime: While not common, incidents of violent crime do exist. However, they are infrequent.

Transportation and Driving:

  • Public transportation in Antalya is generally safe and reliable.
  • If driving, be aware that local drivers can be reckless and may ignore traffic rules and signs.

Natural Disasters:

  • Turkey experiences earthquakes, but Lara itself is not prone to severe seismic activity.
  • Droughts have occasionally caused water shortages in some parts of the country.

Muggings and Scams:

  • Muggings and kidnappings are rare in Lara.
  • Avoid dark and deserted areas, and be cautious about accepting unsolicited food or drinks.


  • Beware of locals befriending tourists and expecting them to pay for meals or drinks.
  • Taxi drivers may try to overcharge you.

Women Travelers:

  • Lara is relatively safe for solo female travelers.
  • Avoid walking alone after dark and stay aware of your surroundings.

In summary, while no place is entirely risk-free, Lara remains a safe destination. Exercise common sense, secure your belongings, and enjoy the beauty and culture that this Mediterranean gem has to offer.

3. Business Life.

buy an apartment in Antalya

Real Estate Group offers to explore business life in the Lara neighborhood of Antalya. Here are some key aspects related to business centers, office buildings, government organizations, and companies in this district:

Business Centers and Office Buildings:

  • Nirvana Group of Companies: A legal entity with activities in construction, property development, real estate, project management, export, and tourism.
  • Notilva Yazılım: A company specializing in software development.
  • Ülker İnternet Hizmetleri: A company providing internet services.
  • ATI Group of Companies: Engaged in construction, property development, real estate, project management, export, and tourism.

Government Organizations:

  • Antalya Metropolitan Municipality: Responsible for local governance and various public services in the region.
  • Ansiad: A non-governmental organization (NGO) in Antalya.
  • Culture Routes Society Turkey: An organization focused on long-distance walking, biking, and horse-riding routes.

Main Employers:

  • Luxury Hotels: Lara is home to many luxury-themed hotels, including replicas of famous places worldwide. These hotels are major employers in the area.
  • Tourism Industry: Given its proximity to the beach and tourist attractions, the tourism industry plays a significant role in employment.
  • Local Businesses: Various local businesses, shops, and restaurants contribute to employment opportunities.

Remember that Lara is a popular tourist destination, and its economy is closely tied to the hospitality and tourism sectors. The beach, luxury hotels, and entertainment options attract visitors, making it a vibrant area for business and employment.

4. Cultural life.

Real Estate Group offers an insight into the cultural life of the Lara neighborhood in Antalya. Here are some fascinating attractions, museums, theaters, and events that both tourists and residents can enjoy:

Attractions and Historical Sites:

  • Lara Beach: Known for its golden sand and clear blue waters, Lara Beach is a must-visit. Relax under the warm sun, take a refreshing swim, or engage in beach activities. The beachside nightlife also provides a stunning backdrop for evening fun and relaxation.
  • Stroll through Kaleici Old Town: Explore the picturesque streets of Kaleici, the historic neighborhood filled with beautifully preserved Ottoman houses, quaint cafes, vibrant markets, and unique shops. The cobblestone streets and old stone walls create a charming atmosphere.
  • Yivli Minaret: Visit this distinctive ‘fluted’ minaret, erected by Seljuk Sultan Aladdin Keykubad I in the early 13th century. It’s Antalya’s symbol and stands adjacent to the Kesik Minare ruins.
  • Hadrian’s Gate (Üçkapılar): Erected for the Roman emperor’s visit to Antalya in AD 130, this monumental gate is a historical landmark worth exploring.
  • Perge: Located 17 km east of Antalya, Perge was one of the most important towns of ancient Pamphylia. Walk through the massive Roman Gate and explore the archaeological site.
  • Termessos: Hidden high in a rugged mountain valley, Termessos is a ruined but still massive ancient city. Neither Greek nor Lycian, it offers a unique historical experience.
  • Antalya Museum: Don’t miss this comprehensive museum with exhibitions covering everything from the Stone and Bronze Ages to Byzantium. The Hall of Regional Excavations is particularly interesting.
  • Karaalioğlu Park: This large, attractive park offers great views over the sea and is prime sunset-promenading territory.

Events and Shows (2022-2023):

  • Gulsin Onay Concert: Enjoy classical music by renowned pianist Gulsin Onay at Atatürk Kültür Merkezi - Aspendos Salonu.
  • Dj Ali Taş Night: Dance the night away at Holly Stone Performance Hall.
  • Antalya Exclusive Jewellery Show: Explore exquisite jewelry designs at this international expo.
  • Growmach Tractor and Agricultural Machinery Fair: A gathering of the international agricultural machinery sector.
  • Green Expo Antalya: An exhibition focused on vegetables, fruits, packaging, storage, and fresh products.
  • Hoteltech Antalya: Discover the latest hotel equipment and technical materials.

Planned Events (2024-2025):

  • Growtech Türkiye: The world’s biggest exhibition in the greenhouse industry.
  • Anfas Food Product Exhibition: International food and beverage expo.
  • Jojo Expo: An international caravan and tourism exhibition.
  • Anfas Outdoor Expo: For camping, water sports, air sports, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Lara’s cultural richness and vibrant events make it a delightful place to explore and immerse yourself in history, art, and entertainment!

5. Education.

buy an apartment in Antalya

Real Estate Group offers to explore the educational landscape in the Lara neighborhood of Antalya. Here’s a detailed overview of educational institutions catering to different age groups:

Preschools and Kindergartens:

Zigzag Kids Club Preschool:

  • Offers preschool, playgroup, kindergarten, and creche services.
  • Follows a mixed British and Turkish curriculum in an international environment.
  • Emphasizes play-based learning and hands-on activities.
  • English-speaking teachers ensure a natural introduction to English.
  • Children also participate in Forest School sessions, connecting with nature and learning through outdoor play.

İstek Antalya Lara School:

  • An International Baccalaureate (IB) school.
  • Provides education from early childhood to high school.
  • Offers a holistic approach to learning, focusing on academic, social, and emotional development.

Universities and Colleges:

Akdeniz University:

  • Located in Antalya, Akdeniz University offers various faculties and programs.
  • Known for its social sciences and dentistry faculties.
  • The university contributes significantly to the educational landscape in the region.

Antalya Bilim University:

  • A private university established in 2010.
  • Offers undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Provides innovative teaching methods and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Antalya Akev University:

  • Located in Alanya (near Lara).
  • Offers educational programs in various fields.

Student Population:

  • The exact number of students in each institution may vary, but these universities collectively serve a diverse student population.
  • Lara’s educational institutions contribute to the intellectual growth and development of children, schoolchildren, and university students in the district.

Whether it’s early childhood education, primary schooling, or higher education, Lara provides a range of educational opportunities for its residents and visitors.

6. Shopping and Entertainment.

Real Estate Group suggests exploring the Lara neighborhood in Antalya and discovering its vibrant stores, restaurants and entertainment centers:

Shopping Centers and Malls:

  • TerraCity: TerraCity is one of the largest shopping centers in Antalya. It features a wide range of Turkish and international brands, including LC, Kotton, USpolo, ADL, Ipekyol, Twist, and Zara. The mall also offers a food court, a cinema multiplex, and entertainment areas for children and teenagers. TerraCity is expected to draw around 12 million visitors annually.
  • MarkAntalya: Located east of the old town, MarkAntalya is a brilliant shopping destination for visitors and locals alike. It houses a mix of expensive and affordable shops, making it a great place for shopping.
  • Mall of Antalya: This mall offers an excellent variety of shops and dining options. Whether you’re looking for fashion, electronics, or local products, Mall of Antalya has something for everyone.
  • Antalya Migros Shopping Mall: Antalya Migros is a popular shopping destination. Look for buses with signs for Migros; it’s conveniently located next to Antalya Aquarium.
  • Deepo Outlet Center: Deepo Outlet Center is connected to another mall and offers a wide range of brands. Prices are reasonable, making it a great place for shopping.
  • Agora Antalya Shopping Center: Agora Antalya is a large shopping center with a mix of expensive and affordable shops. It also features Agorix theme park.
  • OzdilekPark Antalya: This mall offers local brands and a variety of food options in the food court. It’s not crowded and provides a pleasant shopping experience.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars:

  • Canape Cafe & Bistro: Located on Lara Caddesi, Canape offers a fusion of flavors in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Don’t miss out on their delicious offerings.
  • Terrace Steak House Restaurant: If you’re craving steak, this restaurant in Aksu is a great choice. Enjoy excellent service and a variety of dishes.
  • Seli Food & Drinks: Located near Lara Beach, Seli Food & Drinks offers delicious meals and friendly staff. Try their full English breakfast.
  • Hayat Restaurant: Another gem in Aksu, Hayat Restaurant serves Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. Their beautiful food and cozy ambiance make it a great spot.
  • Kokoyaki Sushi: For sushi lovers, Kokoyaki Sushi on Guzeloba Mahallesi Lara Caddesi is a must-visit. Enjoy Japanese flavors and fresh seafood.
  • Guldali Restaurant Kanatci Nedi̇m Usta: Located in Guzeloba, this restaurant offers Mediterranean and Turkish dishes. Great flavors and friendly service await you.

Attractions and Places of Amusement:

  • The Land of Legends Shopping Avenue: Besides shopping, this area features a theme park, hotel, gondolas (resembling Venice), and plenty of spots for family photos.
  • Selfie Park Antalya: A unique place to have fun and take memorable selfies. It’s a fresh idea and perfect for getting creative.
  • Aktur Park: A small and cheap amusement park with various rides, including a ferris wheel.
  • Aqua Fun City: A water park where you can enjoy slides, pools, and aquatic adventures.
  • BeachPark AquaLand: Another water park with fantastic slides, although queues can be long.
  • PARK FUNtastic: An amusement park for family fun and entertainment.

Lara offers a delightful blend of shopping, dining, and leisure activities, making it a perfect destination for relaxation and enjoyment!

7. Healthcare Services.

buy an apartment in Antalya

Real Estate Group proposes to study the situation of medical services in Lara neighborhood in Antalya. Here’s a detailed overview of medical clinics, hospitals, and other health care organizations in the area:

Memorial Lara Hospital:

  • Address: Şirinyalı Mahallesi İsmet Gökşen Caddesi No: 76, 07230 Antalya, Turkey.
  • Services: Memorial Lara Hospital is a comprehensive facility with a “Hospital Complex” concept. It combines a tertiary hospital and a heart hospital, covering a closed area of over 30,000 square meters.
  • Specialties: The hospital provides a wide range of medical services, including cardiology, general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, and more.

Medical Park Antalya Hospital:

  • Location: Lara Beach, one of the most important business and living locations in Antalya.
  • Facilities: Medical Park Antalya Hospital offers services with a “Hospital Complex” concept, combining a tertiary hospital and a heart hospital.
  • Features: The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies for diagnosis and treatment.

Other Health Care Organizations:

  • Private Clinics: Lara hosts several private clinics specializing in various fields, including ophthalmology, dentistry, and general medicine.
  • Emergency Services: The district ensures prompt emergency medical care through paramedics, nurses, and ambulance attendants.
  • Healthcare Tourism Services: Antalya, including Lara, is recognized as a healthcare destination. It offers customized medical health tourism packages, including VIP transfer services, foreign language assistance, and airport pick-up services.

Healthcare Trends in Turkey:

  • Over the past decades, healthcare in Turkey has significantly improved, making it a leading provider of medical services in the region.
  • Hospitals in Antalya adhere to international standards of excellence, ensuring quality health care services.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Lara’s health care facilities are well-equipped to meet your medical needs.

8. Real estate.

Let’s explore the real estate options in the Lara neighborhood in Antalya. Real Estate Group provides information on new and under construction apartment complexes, their prices and the benefits of living in the area for different demographics.

Residential Complexes in Lara, Antalya.

TerraCity Residences:

  • Location: Lara district, close to TerraCity Shopping Mall.
  • Property Types: Spacious loft-style apartments.
  • Features:
    • Modern design.
    • Minutes away from the beach and city center.
    • Large swimming pool.
    • Private gardens.
  • Example Property:
    • Type: 3-bedroom apartment.
    • Area: 180 sq.m.
    • Price: $500,000.
    • View: Not specified.

City Nest Residences:

  • Location: Muratpaşa district, Lara.
  • Property Types: Apartments.
  • Features:
    • Modern design.
    • Close to the beach (1 km).
    • Suitable for families.
  • Example Property:
    • Type: 4-bedroom villa.
    • Area: 400 sq.m.
    • Price: $1,318,100.
    • View: Not specified.

Guzeloba Apartments:

  • Location: Guzeloba area, Lara.
  • Property Types: Modern apartments.
  • Features:
    • Contemporary design.
    • Close to TerraCity Shopping Mall.
    • Suitable for families.
  • Example Property:
    • Type: 2-bedroom apartment.
    • Area: 72 sq.m.
    • Price: $156,600.
    • View: Not specified.

Advantages of Living in Lara, Antalya.

For Couples:

  • Romantic coastal atmosphere.
  • Access to beaches and restaurants.
  • Vibrant nightlife.
  • Proximity to shopping centers.

For Families with Children:

  • Family-friendly environment.
  • Parks and open spaces.
  • Nearby schools.
  • Safe neighborhoods.

For Young Professionals:

  • Job opportunities in tourism and real estate.
  • Access to amenities and entertainment.
  • Modern lifestyle.

For Retirees:

  • Moderate climate.
  • Access to healthcare facilities.
  • Peaceful surroundings.
  • Proximity to the airport.

Living in Lara offers a blend of natural beauty, convenience, and a variety of lifestyle options. Whether you’re looking for a beachside apartment or a spacious villa, Lara has something to offer!


Want to Buy Real Estate in Turkey? Write a Request in WhatsApp and Real Estate Group Will Find the Best Options for You. Everyone Buys With Us!

Embrace the Mediterranean Symphony: Invest in Lara’s Luxury Real Estate!

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the turquoise waves, Lara whispers its timeless invitation: “Stay awhile.” In this coastal haven, where ancient history meets modern elegance, every sunrise paints a new chapter, and every sunset seals a promise of serenity.

Why Lara’s Luxury Real Estate?

  • Seaside Serenity: Imagine waking up to the sound of gentle waves, your balcony overlooking the endless blue. Lara’s luxury properties offer a front-row seat to the Mediterranean’s enchanting ballet.
  • Opulence Redefined: From private pools to panoramic views, Lara’s real estate transcends mere living spaces. It’s an investment in a lifestyle where every detail exudes opulence.
  • Cultural Canvas: Lara’s proximity to historical sites, theaters, and museums ensures that life here is a vibrant tapestry of art, music, and heritage.
  • Health and Wellness: With top-notch hospitals and wellness centers, Lara prioritizes your well-being. Breathe in the fresh sea air; let it heal your soul.
  • A Global Community: Lara’s expatriate-friendly environment welcomes you with open arms. Connect with like-minded souls from around the world.

Your Mediterranean Odyssey Awaits. Want to buy a property in Antalya, write us a request in WhatsApp and Real Estate Group will find you the property of your dreams in Turkey!

Whether you seek a beachfront villa, a sleek apartment, or a sprawling estate, Lara’s luxury real estate promises more than walls and windows. It offers a canvas for your dreams, a sanctuary for your soul. So, take the leap, write your story, and let Lara’s sunsets be your muse.

Read more in Part 3


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