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Unlocking Miami’s Real Estate Treasures: Insider Insights on Where to Invest in 2024 (part 5 of 7)

Unlocking Miami’s Real Estate Treasures: Insider Insights on Where to Invest in 2024 (part 5 of 7)

Want to Buy Real Estate in Miami? Write a Request in WhatsApp and Real Estate Group Will Find the Best Options for You. Everyone Buys With Us!

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Neighborhood 5: Coral Way.


Coral Way is a tapestry of vibrant cultures, lush landscapes, and architectural marvels, a neighborhood where the heartbeat of Miami’s rich history meets the pulse of its modern-day allure.

It’s a place where every street corner tells a story, every park echoes with laughter, and every home is a sanctuary of warmth and comfort. Here, the spirit of community thrives, and the promise of a fulfilling life beckons to those who seek the perfect blend of tranquility and excitement. 

Whether you’re a young professional carving out a niche in the bustling cityscape, a family seeking the nurturing embrace of a friendly neighborhood, or a retiree looking to bask in the golden hues of the Floridian sun, Coral Way offers a canvas upon which your dreams can take shape.

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With its array of educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping havens, and cultural hotspots, Coral Way isn’t just a place to live - it’s a place to come alive.

Welcome to Coral Way, where your Miami dream awaits.

1. Safety.

Safety is a paramount concern for anyone considering a move to a new area. For the Coral Way neighborhood in Miami, Real Estate Group can delve into the safety aspect by examining recent crime rates and statistics.

Crime Rates: Coral Way’s crime rates are reported to be 40% lower than the national average, with violent crimes being 46% lower than the national average. Residents have a 1 in 72 chance of becoming a victim of crime, which positions Coral Way as safer than 70% of the cities in Florida. Over the past year, crime in Miami has decreased by 37%.

Violent Crime: The rate of violent crime in Coral Way is 3 per 1,000 residents during a standard year, placing it in the 28th percentile for safety - meaning that 72% of neighborhoods are safer, and 28% are more dangerous. The northwest part of the neighborhood is generally considered the safest for this type of crime.

Crime Mapping: To provide residents with a tool to stay informed about criminal activity, the Miami Police Department offers a crime mapping program. This service allows users to view crimes plotted on a map within a specified date range and sorted by different criminal offense categories.

Official Data: For the most accurate and up-to-date information, the official Miami-Dade website provides a crime incident map and detailed statistics. This includes data on various crimes such as arson, assault, burglary, and more, giving a comprehensive view of the safety landscape in Coral Way.

By analyzing these data points, Real Estate Group can conclude that Coral Way is relatively safe compared to other neighborhoods, with a lower-than-average crime rate and a declining trend in criminal activity. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to purchase real estate in Miami. However, it’s always recommended to consult the latest official data and local resources for the most current information when making a decision.

2. Location.

Area and Boundaries: Coral Way is a picturesque neighborhood in Miami, defined by the historic Coral Way boulevard, established in the 1920s. It stretches from SW 37th Avenue to Brickell Avenue, encompassing a variety of sub-neighborhoods including Shenandoah, Silver Bluff, Vizcaya-Roads, Coral Gate, Parkdale-Lyndale, South Miami, Bryan Park, and Golden Pines. The area is known for its early-20th-century architecture, with a mix of Mission Revival Style, bungalows, and Art Deco from the 1930s.

Infrastructure and Transportation: Coral Way boasts a robust infrastructure with easy access to amenities like the Venetian Pool, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and the Shops at Merrick Park. The neighborhood is well-connected by the Miami Metrorail with stations at Vizcaya, Coconut Grove, and Douglas Road, facilitating convenient travel throughout the city. Additionally, the Coral Way trolley service provides free transportation, enhancing the area’s accessibility.

Population: As of the end of 2023, Coral Way had a diverse and vibrant population. While specific numbers for the year are not provided, the neighborhood has been part of Miami’s dynamic growth, contributing to the city’s overall population of 464,544 in 2024. Coral Way itself is a melting pot of cultures, reflecting the rich tapestry of Miami’s community.

This detailed overview of Coral Way’s location, infrastructure, and population paints a picture of a well-established, accessible, and culturally rich neighborhood, making it an attractive destination for potential real estate buyers and residents alike.

3. Business life.

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Coral Way is a thriving hub for business and government activity, offering a diverse range of facilities and organizations that cater to various professional needs. Here's an in-depth look at business life in Coral Way from Real Estate Group:

Business Centers and Office Buildings:

  • Office Edge Miami: A provider of modern office and meeting spaces with a complete menu of multilingual office and administrative services.
  • CoSuite Brickell: Offers flexible coworking spaces and private office suites in the heart of Miami’s business area.
  • Leon Business Center LLC: Provides office solutions and services for businesses.
  • Momentum Business Center: An executive office facility located in South Beach, offering on-site and virtual offices.
  • Madison Circle Executive Building: A 12-story office building strategically located near the Coral Gables business district.

Government Organizations:

  • Center for Social Change: Unites and supports nonprofit organizations and community leaders working towards social change.
  • United Way of Miami-Dade: Specializes in providing social services to children and adults.
  • Movimiento Democracia: Promotes democratic changes through non-violence.
  • Global Ties Miami: Facilitates international peace, diplomacy, education, and trade.


  • Cadisa Inc.: A residential property management company offering responsive customer service.
  • Estimating Construction USA: Provides estimating and quantity take-offs for various construction projects
  • Premier Worldwide Marketing: A full-service sales and marketing agency specializing in the hospitality industry.
  • Innerwork Team Building Company: An international change management company focusing on building leaders and teams.

These entities contribute to the dynamic business life of Coral Way, making it a desirable location for professionals across different sectors. The neighborhood’s blend of business centers, office buildings, government organizations, and companies creates a vibrant and supportive environment for growth and development.

4. Cultural life.

Coral Way in Miami is a neighborhood rich in cultural heritage and vibrant activities. Here's an in-depth look at Coral Way's cultural life from Real Estate Group:


  • Domino Park: A popular spot where locals gather to play dominoes and tourists can experience a slice of Cuban-American culture.
  • Alhambra Water Tower: An iconic structure resembling a Moorish lighthouse, adding a unique historical touch to the neighborhood.


  • The American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora: Celebrates the history and culture of the Cuban diaspora with exhibits like “Liberty, Hunger, and Desperation” which ran from December 2023 to January 2024.
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: A National Historic Landmark featuring Italian Renaissance gardens, native woodland landscape, and a historic village compound.


  • Coral Gables Museum: Offers various exhibitions throughout the year, such as “Paving Roads for Latin American Art” and "Vizcaya 1917: From the Gardens to the Gilded Grandeur".

Events and Shows:

  • 2022 and 2023: The neighborhood hosted events like the Miami Harvest Festival, celebrating autumn with activities, food, and crafts. The Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition also provided entertainment and showcased local agriculture.
  • 2024 - 2025: Looking ahead, Coral Way will be near many of Miami’s best annual events, including the Ultra Music Festival, South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Art Basel Miami Beach, and the F1 Miami Grand Prix. Specific neighborhood events like Carnaval on the Mile will continue to offer cultural festivities right on Miracle Mile.

Coral Way’s cultural life is a testament to Miami’s diversity, offering residents and tourists alike a rich tapestry of experiences that span historical, artistic, and communal activities. Whether it’s through enjoying the local museums, participating in traditional events, or simply soaking in the neighborhood’s unique ambiance, Coral Way provides a full and enriching cultural experience.

5. Education.

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Coral Way, a neighborhood celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty, also offers a diverse array of educational institutions catering to all age groups. Here's an in-depth look at the educational landscape at Coral Way from Real Estate Group:

Kindergartens and Preschools:

  • Village Montessori Day School: Embraces the Montessori philosophy, fostering cognitive, emotional, and physical development in a secure and joyful environment.
  • Global Connection Preschool: Aims to nurture young children in a multicultural setting, connecting global worldviews through language education.
  • Gables Montessori School: The only Montessori Preschool in the area that offers bilingual programs certified by the American Montessori Society (AMS) for children ages 18 months to 6 years.
  • La Prima Casa Montessori - Roads Campus: Provides an early childhood education center that encourages independence, self-confidence, and a love of learning using the Montessori Philosophy.


  • Coral Way K-8 Center: Ranked in the top 50% of all schools in Florida for overall test scores, serving students from prekindergarten to 8th grade.
  • Shenandoah Middle School: A public school for grades 6-8, focusing on providing a comprehensive middle school education.
  • Silver Bluff Elementary School: Offers a nurturing learning environment for younger students.
  • Frances S. Tucker Elementary School: Dedicated to creating a strong educational foundation for children in the community.


  • UTH Florida University: Provides quality educational services with a focus on meeting the learning needs of students through the development and implementation of appropriate technologies.
  • Miami Dade College-Eduardo J Padron Campus: Known for its diversity, offering more than 300 distinct degree pathways including associate and baccalaureate degrees, career certificates, and apprenticeships.
  • ADEN University School of Business: An institution of higher education founded in Miami, focusing on business education.
  • Humboldt International University: Offers virtual environments suitable for quality educational services, fostering innovation and creativity.

These educational institutions in Coral Way provide a comprehensive range of options for residents and prospective students, from early childhood education to higher education, ensuring that every educational need is met within the community.

6. Places for shopping and entertainment.

Coral Way is not only a residential gem but also a bustling commercial district with a variety of shopping and entertainment venues that cater to the needs and tastes of its diverse population. Here's a detailed overview of what Coral Way by Real Estate Group has to offer:

Shopping Centers:

  • Coral Way Plaza: This shopping center features a mix of local and national tenants, providing a convenient shopping experience with a variety of stores and ample parking.
  • Miracle Marketplace: Located just a few blocks east of Douglas Road, this mall offers a range of retail options and is a staple for the community’s shopping needs.
  • Mary Brickell Village: An open-air lifestyle center in the heart of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, featuring a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.
  • CocoWalk: A premier destination in the coastal Coconut Grove area, offering a mix of retail stores, a luxurious movie theater, and an array of visitors.

Boutiques and Stores:

  • Coral Way Shopping Plaza: Home to restaurants, a nail salon, doctor’s offices, supermarkets, a jewelry store, beauty salons, and more, providing a one-stop-shop experience for residents and visitors alike.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars:

  • Old Lisbon Restaurants: Offers an authentic Portuguese gastronomic experience with a focus on sumptuous seafood dishes.
  • The Wagyu Bar: A casual steakhouse that prides itself on serving high-quality meats without the frills of traditional steakhouses.
  • Eating House: Led by Miami-born chef Giorgio Rapicavoli, this American restaurant serves innovative dishes with a fortnightly changing menu.
  • El Carajo: Known for its extensive wine selection and traditional Spanish tapas, this spot has been serving Miami since 1981.

These venues provide a rich tapestry of shopping and entertainment options, making Coral Way a vibrant and attractive neighborhood for both residents and tourists. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion, a delicious meal, or a place to relax and enjoy a drink, Coral Way has something to offer everyone.

7. Healthcare.

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Coral Way’s healthcare landscape is comprehensive, offering a range of medical clinics, hospitals, and healthcare organizations to ensure residents have access to quality care. Here's a detailed review from Real Estate Group:

Medical Clinics:

  • Coral Way Medical Group: Provides a variety of healthcare services with a focus on family medicine and internal medicine.
  • Unlimited Care Medical Center, Inc: Offers personalized care with services ranging from routine check-ups to chronic disease management.
  • Premium Healthcare Medical Center Kendall: Caters to family healthcare needs, including pediatrics and adolescents, with modern facilities and technology.


  • Baptist Health Emergency Care: A full-service ER located on Coral Way, open 24/7 and staffed by board-certified emergency medicine physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital: Specializes in rehabilitation services with a team of physical therapists and clinicians dedicated to patient recovery.

Health Care Organizations:

  • Coral Way Medical Office: Acts as a primary care clinic providing evaluation and treatment by general practitioners and family medicine doctors.

These healthcare facilities in Coral Way are equipped to provide residents with a wide range of medical services, from emergency care to specialized treatments, ensuring the well-being of the community.

8. Real estate.

Coral Way is a neighborhood that offers a blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience, making it an attractive location for foreign buyers looking to invest in Miami’s real estate. Here's a detailed overview of real estate options and the benefits of living in Coral Way from Real Estate Group:

New and Under Construction Residential Complexes:

  • The Roads at 21st Street: A new luxury townhome completing in November 2024, featuring 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, an outdoor deck, and 2,517 sq. ft. under A/C.
  • Brickell Estates: Offering newly constructed houses with modern finishes, high ceilings, and views of Downtown Brickell. Prices for a 4 bed/4 bath home with 3,822 sq. ft. start at $2,840,000.
  • Coral Gables Townhomes: These townhomes provide a serene retreat with 4 ensuite bedrooms, private saltwater pools, and stone-floored yards. A 2,500 sq. ft. townhouse starts at $1,999,000.

Real Estate Costs:

  • Studios and apartments in Coral Way range from $1,200,000 for a 3 bed/2.5 bath townhome with 2,640 sq. ft. to $2,850,000 for a 4 bed/3 bath single-family home with 3,107 sq. ft.
  • Villas and larger homes can go upwards of $2,840,000, offering luxurious amenities, spacious layouts, and stunning views.

Advantages of Living in Coral Way:

  • For Couples: The neighborhood’s romantic settings, like the historic Coral Way boulevard lined with lush trees, provide a picturesque backdrop for evening strolls.
  • For Families with Children: Coral Way is close to top-rated schools and family-friendly parks, offering a safe and nurturing environment for children to grow up in.
  • For Young Professionals: Its proximity to Miami’s financial district, Brickell, makes it an ideal location for professionals seeking a short commute.
  • For Retirees: The peaceful streets and easy access to healthcare facilities make Coral Way a comfortable place for retirees to enjoy their leisure years.

Other Positive Criteria:

  • Cultural Richness: With a variety of cultural venues and events, residents can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle.
  • Dining and Shopping: An array of restaurants and shopping centers cater to all tastes and needs.
  • Outdoor Activities: Numerous parks and green spaces offer opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation.

Coral Way’s real estate market is diverse, offering something for everyone, from luxurious townhomes to spacious single-family houses. The neighborhood’s amenities and lifestyle make it a prime choice for foreign buyers looking for a residence in Miami.


Want to Buy Real Estate in Miami? Write a Request in WhatsApp and Real Estate Group Will Find the Best Options for You. Everyone Buys With Us!

In the heart of Miami, Coral Way stands as a beacon of elegance and comfort, a neighborhood that not only promises a home but an experience. It is where luxury meets lifestyle, where every sunrise brings new possibilities, and every sunset promises serene contentment. Buying a property in Coral Way is not just an investment in bricks and mortar; it’s an investment in a way of life that exudes sophistication, culture, and community.

Embrace the opportunity to be part of a neighborhood that offers the best of Miami - a place where education, healthcare, and entertainment are not just amenities but cornerstones of daily life. Indulge in the luxury of living in a locale where safety, beauty, and convenience intertwine to create an unparalleled living experience.

Take action now - secure your piece of paradise in Coral Way. Let your story unfold amidst its charming boulevards, let your dreams soar in its vibrant skies, and let your life flourish in its nurturing embrace. For those who know that life’s greatest luxury is the quality of living, Coral Way is not just a choice - it’s the destination. 

Contact Real Estate Group today on WhatsApp to find out how you can make Coral Way your new home. Because in Miami, life isn’t just lived; it’s celebrated, and it all begins in Coral Way.

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