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Find your paradise: Antalya’s 7 Best Neighborhoods for Your 2024 Residence! (part 7 of 7)

Find your paradise: Antalya’s 7 Best Neighborhoods for Your 2024 Residence! (part 7 of 7)

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Read Part 6 for the beginning

Neighborhood 7: Döşemealtı, Antalya.


Nestled on the outskirts of the vibrant city of Antalya, Döşemealtı is a hidden gem that offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. With its lush landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and burgeoning business scene, this neighborhood is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after destinations in the Mediterranean.

Döşemealtı: A Symphony of Nature and Nurture.

As you wander through the streets of Döşemealtı, you are greeted by the harmonious blend of nature’s tranquility and the warmth of a close-knit community. The air is filled with the scent of pomegranates and citrus groves, a testament to the district’s agricultural roots that continue to flourish alongside modern developments.

A Canvas of History and Modernity.

Döşemealtı is not just a place; it’s a living canvas where every brushstroke tells a story. From the ancient whispers of the Karain Cave to the contemporary beats of the local markets, history and modernity dance together in a captivating display of Antalya’s soul.

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An Oasis of Opportunity.

For those seeking a life of luxury and comfort, Döşemealtı offers an array of exquisite real estate options, from elegant villas with private pools to smart apartments that blend technology with design. It’s a place where retirees find peace, families build homes, and professionals seize opportunities.

Embracing the Future.

With its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and commitment to education and healthcare, Döşemealtı is poised for greatness. It’s a neighborhood that not only embraces its past but also looks forward to a future filled with promise and potential.

Join us as we explore the enchanting neighborhood of Döşemealtı, where every corner holds a new discovery, and every moment is a chance to create lasting memories.

1. Location.

Real Estate Group offers to learn more about Döşemealtı neighborhood in Antalya.

Location and Boundaries:

Döşemealtı is a district located 20 kilometers north of Antalya’s city center, sprawling over an area of 687 square kilometers. It is situated on the Turkish state highway D.650, which connects it to the surrounding regions. The district’s boundaries encompass a mix of urban and rural landscapes, with residential areas, agricultural lands, and natural terrains.

Infrastructure and Transportation:

Döşemealtı boasts a modern infrastructure with a network of roads that facilitate smooth transportation. The presence of the Antalya-Burdur highway ensures that all areas of the region are well-connected, allowing for easy access by private car or public transportation. The district is known for its calmness and lack of traffic congestion, making it ideal for those seeking a peaceful environment.


As of the end of 2023, Döşemealtı’s population is estimated to be 86,109. This reflects a diverse community that includes native residents, as well as migrants from various parts of Turkey and abroad.

Parks and Recreation Areas:

Döşemealtı is surrounded by natural beauty, with several parks and recreational areas where residents and visitors can enjoy the outdoors. Some of the notable places include:

  • Kırkgöz Lake: Feeding the famous Düden Waterfall, this lake is a natural wonder within the district.
  • Karain Cave: Offering a glimpse into prehistoric times, this cave is a significant archaeological site near the district.
  • Döşemealtı Carpet Field: Known for its traditional carpet weaving, this field becomes a colorful spectacle when carpets are laid out to purify in the sun.
  • Hiking Trails: There are various trails for hiking enthusiasts, providing opportunities to explore the district’s scenic landscapes.

Döşemealtı’s parks and recreational areas are perfect for family outings, picnics, and connecting with nature. Whether you’re looking to hike, relax by the lake, or delve into history at the Karain Cave, Döşemealtı offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. Safety in Döşemealtı, Antalya.

Real Estate Group proposes to examine the safety aspects of the Döşemealtı neighborhood in Antalya based on data known for the years 2023 - 2024.

Safety in Döşemealtı, Antalya:

General Safety:

  • Safety Index: Antalya has a safety index of 74.5%, indicating a relatively safe environment.
  • Crime Rate: The crime rate in Antalya is considered low, with a crime index of 28.17.

Crime and Safety Concerns:

  • Petty Crime: Like many tourist destinations, petty crimes such as pickpocketing can occur, especially in crowded areas.
  • Violent Crime: Violent crimes are not common, but it’s always advisable to stay vigilant.
  • Transportation: Transportation is generally safe, but caution is advised due to local driving habits.
  • Natural Disasters: Earthquakes and droughts are natural risks in Turkey, including Antalya.
  • Mugging Risk: Muggings and kidnappings are rare, but it’s recommended to avoid dark and deserted areas.
  • Scams: Tourists should be aware of common scams involving locals befriending tourists and expecting them to pay for outings.
  • Women Travelers: Solo women travelers are advised to exercise caution, especially at night.

Local Perception:

  • Daytime Safety: Walking alone during the day is very safe, with a high safety index.
  • Nighttime Safety: Walking alone at night is also considered safe, though it’s always good to be cautious.

Döşemealtı Specifics:

  • While general safety information for Antalya is available, specific crime statistics for Döşemealtı are not detailed in the search results. However, it is part of the larger Antalya region, and the overall safety measures and precautions applicable to Antalya would also apply to Döşemealtı.


  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with local news and any travel advisories.
  • Precautions: Take standard precautionary measures as you would in any other city.
  • Local Authorities: Contact local authorities or your embassy if you need assistance.

Döşemealtı in Antalya offers a blend of safety and tranquility, making it an attractive destination for residents and visitors alike. However, staying informed and taking sensible precautions can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in this beautiful neighborhood.

3. Business Life in Döşemealtı, Antalya.

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Döşemealtı, a district of Antalya, is an area that combines the charm of rural landscapes with the convenience of urban amenities. Real Estate Group brings you an in-depth look at the businesses and major employers in the area:

Business Centers and Companies in Döşemealtı:

  • Antalya Business Center: While not located directly in Döşemealtı, this state-of-the-art business center in downtown Antalya is a significant commercial hub that may influence the district’s economy.
  • Organized Industrial Zone: The Antalya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi (Organized Industrial Zone) is a key employment area, hosting various manufacturing and industrial companies. It offers job opportunities in sectors like plastic injection, packaging, and food distribution.
  • Agriculture: The economy of Döşemealtı is heavily based on agriculture. The district is known as the pomegranate paradise of Antalya, with main agricultural products including citrus fruits, olives, cotton, wheat, barley, corn, sesame, and oats. Animal husbandry and traditional weaving also contribute to the local economy.

Main Employers:

  • Agricultural Producers: As agriculture is a significant part of the local economy, large farms and agricultural businesses are among the main employers in the area.
  • Industrial Companies: Firms located in the Organized Industrial Zone provide numerous jobs, ranging from production line workers to managerial positions.
  • Local Government: The municipality of Döşemealtı and other government organizations offer employment in public services and administration.

Additional Notable Employers:

  • Nestay Online: A local business providing services in the area.
  • JUTEK Otomasyon & Savunma Sanayi: A company specializing in automation and defense industry solutions.
  • Bosfor Bilişim: An IT company located in the nearby Antalya Technopark, offering software and technological services.
  • AGRİKEM ZİRAAT END.ÜRÜNLERİ SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş.: A company dealing with agricultural products and services.

Döşemealtı’s business life is a blend of traditional practices and modern enterprises, providing a diverse range of employment opportunities for its residents. Whether it’s in the flourishing agricultural sector or the growing industrial and service sectors, the district offers a dynamic environment for both businesses and job seekers.

4. Cultural Life in Döşemealtı, Antalya.

Döşemealtı, a district of Antalya, is a place where the beauty of nature meets the richness of culture. Real Estate Group presents you with a detailed overview of the cultural life and attractions of Döşemealtı:

Cultural Attractions in Döşemealtı:

  • Karain Cave: One of the most significant prehistoric archaeological sites in Turkey, offering insights into early human history.
  • Antalya Toy Museum: Although not in Döşemealtı, it’s a short drive away and features a collection of toys from around the world, reflecting various cultures and eras.
  • Antalya State Symphony Orchestra: Provides classical music concerts and is accessible from Döşemealtı.
  • Historical Mosques: While specific mosques in Döşemealtı are not listed, the region of Antalya is home to beautiful historical mosques that showcase the rich Islamic art and architecture of Turkey.

Past Events (2022-2023):

  • Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival: An annual event that celebrates Turkish cinema. It’s one of the longest-running film festivals in Turkey and attracts international attention.
  • Antalya International Folk Music and Dance Festival Competition: A vibrant event that showcases traditional music and dance from around the world.

Upcoming Events (2024-2025):

  • International Conference on Medical & Health Science (June 2024): A platform for sharing knowledge and ideas in the field of medical and health science.
  • InterFresh Eurasia (September 2024): An exhibition focusing on fresh produce, packaging, and storage technologies.
  • Antalya Tourism Fair (October 2024): An event that highlights the tourism industry’s latest trends and opportunities.
  • Growtech Eurasia (November 2024): The world’s biggest exhibition in the greenhouse industry, bringing together global agriculture sector participants.

Döşemealtı offers a blend of natural and cultural experiences, making it an attractive destination for those interested in history, art, and the beauty of the Mediterranean region. Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, there’s always something to explore and enjoy in this vibrant district of Antalya.

5. Education in Döşemealtı, Antalya.

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Döşemealtı, a district of Antalya, is an area that values education highly, offering a range of educational institutions for its residents. Here's a detailed overview of the educational landscape from Real Estate Group:

Kindergartens and Preschools:

  • Döşemealtı hosts several kindergartens and preschools, providing early childhood education with a focus on developmental learning and social skills.


  • International Community College of Antalya (ICCA): Located in Döşemealtı, ICCA offers an international curriculum, including Cambridge and the British National Curriculum, catering to students aged 3-14.

Colleges and Universities:

  • Antalya Bilim University: Situated within Döşemealtı, this university offers a variety of faculties and institutes, including Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Fine Arts and Architecture, Tourism, Engineering and Natural Sciences, and more.
  • Akdeniz University: While not located directly in Döşemealtı, it’s a prominent university in the region of Antalya, offering a wide range of programs and attracting students from across the globe.

Student Population:

  • The exact number of students in each educational institution in Döşemealtı is not specified in the search results. However, with a population of 86,109 as of the end of 2023, a significant portion of this number would comprise children and young adults attending these educational facilities.

Döşemealtı’s commitment to education is evident in its support for a range of educational institutions, from preschools to universities. These institutions not only cater to the local population but also attract students from other regions, contributing to the district’s cultural diversity and intellectual vibrancy.

6. Shopping and Entertainment in Döşemealtı, Antalya.

Döşemealtı, a district of Antalya, offers a variety of shopping and entertainment options that cater to both locals and visitors. Here's a detailed 2024 state-by-state overview from Real Estate Group:

Shopping Centers:

  • Agora Antalya: This is a major shopping and entertainment center in the region. It features a unique architecture with both indoor and outdoor shopping areas. Agora is home to world-famous brands, delicious tastes, and fun activities in the amusement park “Agorix.” It’s known as the largest shopping and entertainment center of the Mediterranean and is conveniently located just 5 minutes from the airport.

Famous Brand Stores and Boutiques:

  • IKEA: The Swedish furniture giant has a store in Agora, offering a wide range of home furnishings.
  • LC Waikiki: A popular Turkish clothing brand known for its affordable fashion.
  • Boyner Department Store: One of Turkey’s largest department stores, offering a variety of brands under one roof.
  • US Polo: Offers a range of clothing and accessories inspired by the sport of polo.
  • Jimmy Key: A fashion brand that provides trendy options for women’s clothing.
  • Vakko: A luxury Turkish brand known for its high-quality fabrics and elegant designs.
  • Samsonite: A well-known brand for travel luggage and accessories.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars:

While specific names of restaurants, cafes, and bars in Döşemealtı are not listed, the area is known for its local eateries that serve traditional Turkish cuisine, international dishes, and fresh seafood. The cafes and bars offer a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee or a refreshing drink.

Attractions and Places of Amusement:

  • Karain Cave: A significant archaeological site near Döşemealtı, offering a glimpse into prehistoric times.
  • Termessos: An ancient city with ruins that include temples, tombs, and a theater from another millennium.
  • Ariassos: Another historical site where you can learn about the local history of Döşemealtı.

Events and Shows (2024 - 2025):

  • International Conference on Medical & Health Science (June 2024): A platform for sharing knowledge and ideas in the field of medical and health science.
  • InterFresh Eurasia (September 2024): An exhibition focusing on fresh produce, packaging, and storage technologies.
  • Antalya Tourism Fair (October 2024): Highlights the latest trends and opportunities in the tourism industry.
  • Growtech Eurasia (November 2024): The world’s biggest exhibition in the greenhouse industry.

Döşemealtı’s shopping and entertainment venues offer a mix of traditional charm and modern convenience, making it an ideal place for those looking to shop, dine, and enjoy cultural experiences.

7. Healthcare Services in Döşemealtı, Antalya.

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Döşemealtı, a district in Antalya, is well-equipped with a range of healthcare facilities to ensure the well-being of its residents and visitors. Below is a detailed overview of the medical organizations located in the area as of 2024 from Real Estate Group:

Hospitals and Medical Centers:

  • Private Termessos Hospital: This hospital has been serving the Döşemealtı region since July 2018. It’s a 6-storey facility with a closed area of 12,000 m², offering comprehensive health services with experienced management, doctors, and health personnel.
  • Antalya Özel Termessos Hastanesi: A private hospital providing a wide array of medical services, including dental treatment, anesthesia and reanimation, nutrition and diet, brain and nerve surgery, child health and diseases, internal medicine, dermatology, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and general surgery.
  • Medical Park Antalya Hospital: One of the largest private hospitals in the Mediterranean Region, it has 84 polyclinic rooms, a total of 228 patient beds, and provides services in 33 medical branches. The hospital is recognized for performing a high number of organ transplants with the lowest rate of side effects in Turkey.

Clinics and Specialized Services:

  • SoracaMed Clinic: A healthcare institution that offers accessible health and beauty services.
  • Antalya-Lara Dentgroup Dental Clinic: Founded in 2016, this clinic provides dental services with a team of expert doctors.

Upcoming Health Care Developments:

  • Döşemealtı State Hospital: A new 100-bed state hospital is planned for Döşemealtı, with the contract signed and construction expected to begin shortly. This hospital will be equipped with modern facilities, including 40 polyclinics, quality patient rooms, intensive care units adhering to international standards, and four operating theaters, one of which will be local.

These health care organizations in Döşemealtı offer a wide range of medical services, from routine check-ups to specialized treatments, ensuring that the community’s health needs are met with quality and care.

8. Real Estate in Döşemealtı, Antalya.

Döşemealtı, a district in Antalya, is becoming increasingly popular among foreign buyers looking for luxury real estate. Here is a detailed review of new and under construction residential developments in the area as of 2024 from Real Estate Group:

Luxury Residential Complexes in Döşemealtı:

Villas with Private Pools, Jacuzzis, and Saunas:

  • Price Range: From $1,600,000 to $2,000,000.
  • Property Types: Three-storey villas.
  • Area: 600 m².
  • Features: Each villa has 5 bedrooms, private swimming pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi. The complex offers security and parking facilities.
  • View: Likely to have views of the surrounding green landscapes and the Taurus Mountains.

Helmann CarpeDiem Project:

  • Price Range: Available on request on WhatsApp.
  • Property Types: Apartments and villas.
  • Area: 231 - 308 m² for apartments.
  • Features: Options range from 3+1 to 5+1 bedroom configurations, indicating the number of bedrooms plus living rooms. Additional amenities include smart home systems and communal facilities.

Luxury Detached Villas in Gated Community:

  • Price Range: Approximately €1,025,400.
  • Property Types: Detached villas.
  • Features: Equipped with smart home systems, underfloor heating, jacuzzi, and private pools. The community offers a secure and private environment.

Additional Advantages for Living in Döşemealtı:

  • For Couples and Families with Children: The area offers a peaceful environment with access to parks and recreational areas, making it ideal for family activities and relaxation.
  • For Young Professionals: Proximity to business centers and the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Antalya provides ample career opportunities.
  • For Retirees: The tranquil setting, coupled with high-quality healthcare facilities and a warm climate, makes it an excellent choice for retirement.
  • General Advantages: Döşemealtı’s cosmopolitan ambiance ensures a welcoming environment for all nationalities. The Mediterranean climate encourages outdoor activities, and the district’s growth potential makes it an attractive investment.

Living in Döşemealtı offers a blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience, making it an ideal location for those seeking a high-quality lifestyle in Antalya.


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Embracing the Future: Döşemealtı’s Call to Luxury.

As the golden hues of dusk embrace the skyline, the neighborhood of Döşemealtı in Antalya stands as a beacon of luxury and serenity. In the year 2024, this district has blossomed into a coveted haven for those who seek an exquisite blend of comfort, style, and tranquility.

A Symphony of Elegance and Nature.

Döşemealtı, with its lush landscapes and state-of-the-art residential complexes, offers a symphony of elegance that resonates with the desires of discerning buyers. The neighborhood is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled living experience.

Why Choose Döşemealtı?

Strategic Location:

  • Just a stone’s throw away from the bustling city center, yet far enough to offer a peaceful retreat.
  • Proximity to international universities, top-tier schools, and the organized industry zone.

Luxurious Residences:

  • From spacious villas with private pools to modern apartments with panoramic views, Döşemealtı’s real estate portfolio is diverse and alluring.
  • Properties boast features such as Jacuzzis, saunas, and smart home technologies.

Investment Potential:

  • The region’s growing popularity ensures that your investment will appreciate over time, promising both a luxurious lifestyle and a wise financial decision.

Climate Advantage:

  • Enjoy a unique microclimate with humidity levels 40% lower than the city, offering a comfortable environment year-round.

Cultural Richness:

  • Döşemealtı is not just about luxury homes; it’s about a lifestyle enriched with cultural experiences, from local festivals to international events.

The Call to Action: Secure Your Piece of Paradise

In Döşemealtı, every moment is an opportunity to create lasting memories. It’s a place where life slows down, allowing you to savor every breath, every sunrise, and every starlit night.

For foreign buyers, Döşemealtı is more than a home; it’s a statement. It’s an investment in a lifestyle that many dream of but only a few attain. It’s a chance to be part of a community that values beauty, luxury, and harmony with nature.

As we look towards the future, the question isn’t just why invest in Döşemealtı-it’s why not? The time is now to secure your piece of paradise, to embrace the future, and to say yes to a life of luxury in Antalya.

Write to us in WhatsApp today and we will find you a luxury property to buy in Turkey!

Embrace the allure of Döşemealtı. Invest in luxury. Live the dream.

General conclusion to the article:

Want to Buy Real Estate in Turkey? Write a Request in WhatsApp and Real Estate Group Will Find the Best Options for You. Everyone Buys With Us!

Antalya’s Magnificent Seven: A Tapestry of Opportunity.

As the Mediterranean sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with strokes of crimson and gold, the allure of Antalya’s seven districts stands unrivaled-a mosaic of opportunity, luxury, and unparalleled beauty. In 2024, the call to action for foreign buyers is clear: seize the moment and invest in the lifestyle of your dreams.

1. Konyaaltı: The Azure Jewel.

In Konyaaltı, the beaches whisper tales of ancient mariners, while the modern world echoes with the promise of growth. Here, luxury meets the lap of nature, offering a retreat where every sunset is a celebration of life.

2. Lara: The Golden Sands.

Lara’s golden sands are a testament to timelessness. Invest in a property where the sea serenades you to sleep, and the vibrant city life is just a heartbeat away.

3. Kaleiçi (Old Town): The Historical Heart.

The cobbled streets of Kaleiçi are a canvas of history, inviting you to be part of a legacy that spans millennia. Owning a home here is not just an investment; it’s a chapter in the grand narrative of civilization.

4. Kepez: The Rising Star.

Kepez, with its burgeoning development, is a beacon for those who seek potential. Your investment here is a seed that will grow into a mighty oak of prosperity.

5. Muratpaşa: The Cultural Melting Pot.

Muratpaşa is where cultures converge, creating a vibrant tapestry of life. Your home here is a bridge between worlds, a place where every culture finds a voice.

6. Altıntaş: The New Horizon.

Altıntaş, the district of tomorrow, offers a vision of the future. Here, innovation and tradition dance in harmony, and your home is a testament to the art of living well.

7. Döşemealtı: The Serene Escape.

Döşemealtı is an escape to serenity, where luxury is whispered in the rustling leaves and sung by the mountain winds. It is an enclave for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

The Call to Action: Invest in Antalya’s Best.

Antalya’s real estate market is vibrant, offering a variety of properties that cater to every taste and lifestyle. With a thriving international community, Antalya is a melting pot of cultures, making it a welcoming home for families and individuals from across the globe. The appreciation of property values and Turkey’s investor-friendly policies make purchasing here a smart investment.

Quality healthcare, international education standards, a leisurely retirement lifestyle, premier golfing destinations, rich cultural and historical heritage, and unmatched global connectivity-these are the pillars that uphold Antalya as a wise choice for property investment.

In 2024, Antalya is not just a place, it’s a promise-a promise of a life filled with beauty, opportunity, and growth. It’s a call to those who dare to dream, to those who envision a life not just lived, but cherished.

Embrace the future, invest in Antalya’s magnificent seven, and watch as your dreams take root in the fertile soil of opportunity.

Write to us in WhatsApp today and we will find you a luxury property to buy your piece of Paradise in Turkey!

Antalya awaits. Your story begins here.


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